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There is something wonderful about handmade and hand thrown ceramics and collecting pieces can become very addictive!   Knowing that the mug you drink from, the bowl you eat out of each day, has been made by a real person sitting in their studio, bent over their wheel, praying to the kiln gods that all will be well is a wonderful tonic in our modern age of mass production.   

Here at the 1970 we absolutely love ceramics - from the beauty and simplicity of Sophia McEvoy and Kara Leigh Ford whose work and glazes are inspired by the landscapes they live in and explore, to Neil Tregear whose love of nature, landscape and coast are evident in the designs of his work and to Anne Barrell whose work is inspired by our long maritime heritage.  

Each piece is unique and we are sure will give you a huge amount of joy and pleasure.

Anne Barrell
a beautiful collection inspired by the UK's rich maritime heritage from maker Anne Barrell

Kara Leigh Ford
working in black and grey clay are functional ceramics with stunning glazes from potter Kara Leigh-Ford

Neil Tregear
hand decorated designs influenced by the coastal landscape of his home is a striking collection from Neil Tregear

Sophia McEvoy
beautiful ceramics for those quiet moments made by ceramicist Sophia McEvoy using her own unique glazes

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