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Sophia McEvoy


Sophia started making pottery when she was 16 years old and then went on to study 3D design at university. After leaving university she trained to become a secondary school art teacher and spent 5 years practicing and honing her pottery skills, gaining enough confidence to leave her job and set up her own ceramics studio where she continued to hone her throwing skills and create her own unique glazes.

She launched her work to the big wide world in July 2020 and has grown a hugely loyal customer base and more recently has been working with galleries and shops, enabling her work to be seen and bought by a wider audience.

She’s a great believer that items like mugs and bowls which we use every day can be both functional and beautiful - something that we wholeheartedly agree with!   

All her glazes are mixed by hand from her own recipes using a unique blend of minerals and oxides which means that you won’t find these glazes anywhere else.

These are exquisite pieces and will definitely end up as your go to ceramics!

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