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Jennifer Collier

Jennifer is a genius when it comes to the art of paper and stitching.  She creates the most beautiful functional items and stunning sculptures from recycled paper and materials which she then adds her magic to with her stitching.

The marriage of old paper with new stitching transforms the everyday into something unique, delicate and beautiful.  Part of her practice includes the use of heritage/lost stitches which she incorporates into her work ensuring that future generations don’t miss out on this important part of our creative history.

Jennifer completed a BA (hons) in Textiles (Print, Knit and Weave) in 1999 at Manchester Metropolitan University, is internationally exhibited, and has had her work featured in over 60 magazines and over 15 books to date.

Working closely with Jennifer we have a small range of lampshades of varying sizes all made from maps of Skye with stitiching around some of the most iconic locations on the island.  These functional items will make a truly unique addition to your home.

If you would like to commission a bespoke shade or sculpture for your home then let us know and we can search for the right map and work with Jennifer to create you a one-off piece!

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